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Finally got my Zin’Rohk after 208 Troll builds.

Blue quality items vs Epic quality

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Archaeology has two tier of rare items, blue and epic. The blue quality items are much easier to get than the epic quality ones with very few exceptions.

Tol’vir is unique in the fact that all their items are of epic quality, so in their case the break it down by making the caster ring and the flavor item the easier ones to pop up.

Troll, which used to just be one item of epic quality and rarity is what I’m basing this on. I’d built hundreds of Troll items across multiple toons and it wasn’t until patch 4.1 that I finally saw a rare, getting both the drum and pet relatively quickly. Still no epic sword.

Fossil added 2 new blue items and an epic shield. Got both the pet and Ancient Amber in less than 10 builds, but haven’t seen the epic shield yet.

Feels a bit frustrating knowing that just because an item is of purple quality, I probably won’t see it for hours.

Patch 4.2

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Still no Archy news from the new PTR. Guess they thought the six items added in 4.1 were enough for now. That’s okay. Still haven’t seen the shield.

Archaeology Statistics

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There are 9 types of Archaeology fragments available, all listed to the left of this.

Draenei has 2 rares, 8 common items.

Dwarf has 4 rares, and an amazing 27 common items.

Fossil has 5 rares, 12 common items.

Nerubian has 2 rares, 7 common items.

Nelf has 7 rares, 18 commons

Orc has one rare, 9 common items.

Tol’vir has 6 rares, 6 common items, and the Canopic Jar, which Alchemists are after for the Vial of the Sands recipe.

Troll has 3 rares, 14 common items.

Vrykul has 2 rares, 5 common items.

There are currently a total of 32 rares in the game as of patch 4.2

Archaeology FAQ

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Frequently asked questions about Archaeology in WoW and the answers.

Q:  What is Archaeology?
A:  Archaeology is the newest timesink introduced in World of Warcraft.  It went live during the Cataclysm expansion.  It’s a secondary trade skill like cooking, fishing and first aid, which means anyone can learn it.  It offers some flavor items, useful items, pets, mounts and a lot of vendor trash. 

Q:  Why do Archaeology?
A:  Good question.  Many answers are available.  It offers a new way to level your character, although it’s time consuming.  It offers you fun flavor items like costumes and usable items to annoy your friends with, as well as some nice starter weapons for a few classes.  It doesn’t cover everyone though.

Q:  How easy is Archaeology?
A:  Quite easy, but time consuming.  Think fishing, but with a lot more travel involved.  If you level it casually, it can take you quite a while to do it.

Q:  Keystones.  Use or save?
A:  Always use them.  Knocking +12 fragments off any build is always a good idea.

Q:  Why are there no fossil keystones?
A:  Same reason we aren’t finding books written by dinosaurs and mammoths IRL.  Creatures don’t keep records.

Q:  What is the 10th spot?
A:  Rumor during beta was it would be Ogre, but rumors are just what you make of them.  Blizzard has said Archaeology is meant to be expanded on, so for now think of it as a placeholder for something to suck you back in at a later date.

Q:  Why a website dedicated to Archaeology?
A:  I enjoy doing Archaeology, and I was surprised the name wasn’t taken, so here we are!

Q:  Are there more questions to be answered?
A:  Yes, someday!

Archaeology Keystones

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Keystones in Archaeology are basically a shortcut. Each one is worth +12 fragments, with most rares allowing the use of three (Noticeable exception is Fossil, but we go over that in the FAQ, cutting out the need for 36 fragments to build an item.

Keystones are rare drops from the dig sites, with no chance of showing up until you’re at 75 Archaeology.

They can stack up to 20, and there is no limit to the amount you can have.  They also sell pretty well in most cases, but it’s better for you to use them unless you’re really strapped for cash.

Draenei Tome
These Keystones sell well
because of the price of the
vendor trash from the
Dwarf Rune Stone
These keystones sell well
because of the rare items
you can get from Dwarf,
especially the Stave.
Nerubian Obelisk
These keystones are
valuable because of the
rarity of Nerubian dig sites
in Northrend.
Highborne Scroll
These keystones are the
most plentiful, and odds
are the cheapest to find on
most servers.
Orc Blood Text
Very common keystones,
thanks to the nature of Orc
dig sites being so plentiful
in Outlands.
Tol’Vir Hieroglyphic
Arguably the most valuable
keystone available, based
on the rarity of Tol’vir dig
sites and the want for them.
Troll Tablet
Another very popular
keystone, and once you get
the sword you can easily
sell them for bank.
Vrykul Rune Stick
Very common keystone in
Northrend, but the vendor
trash is pretty valuable.
Sell or keep, win either way.


Starting over again…

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Yahoo broke the site again, so here we are. Hopefully merge everything again this week.


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Trying to switch the site over to a WordPress style.

Work in progress

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Got most of the site up and running with this new format, but I want to make sure it’s secure before we launch.


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About the site and the creator

Site was created by Doobjanka, who moonlights as the guild master of Aint Neva Scared on the Scilla server (US Horde) and is the Community Manager over at Warcraftpets.com.

Doobjanka was the Realm First Archaeologist on Scilla, which took 28 hours to achieve. It was a bad 28 hours too. Doobjanka currently has 27 of the rares and proudly wears the title Professor.

Doobjanka also leveled four other toons to 525 Archaeology, and has her other five at least around 250.

Doobjanka collects pets, with 179 currently, mounts (150) and flavor items.

Doobjanka is the alter ego of Curtis, a student of Sociology at UTSA. He has a dog named Rupert, a Lhasa Apso who enjoys collecting and destroying tennis balls.