| May 28, 2011

Finally got my Zin’Rohk after 208 Troll builds.

Blue quality items vs Epic quality

| May 17, 2011

Archaeology has two tier of rare items, blue and epic. The blue quality items are much easier to get than the epic quality ones with very few exceptions. Tol’vir is unique in the fact that all their items are of epic quality, so in their case the break it down by making the caster ring […]

Patch 4.2

| May 15, 2011

Still no Archy news from the new PTR. Guess they thought the six items added in 4.1 were enough for now. That’s okay. Still haven’t seen the shield.

Archaeology Statistics

| May 14, 2011

There are 9 types of Archaeology fragments available, all listed to the left of this. Draenei has 2 rares, 8 common items. Dwarf has 4 rares, and an amazing 27 common items. Fossil has 5 rares, 12 common items. Nerubian has 2 rares, 7 common items. Nelf has 7 rares, 18 commons Orc has one rare, […]

Archaeology FAQ

| May 14, 2011

Frequently asked questions about Archaeology in WoW and the answers. Q:  What is Archaeology? A:  Archaeology is the newest timesink introduced in World of Warcraft.  It went live during the Cataclysm expansion.  It’s a secondary trade skill like cooking, fishing and first aid, which means anyone can learn it.  It offers some flavor items, useful […]

Archaeology Keystones

| May 14, 2011

Keystones in Archaeology are basically a shortcut. Each one is worth +12 fragments, with most rares allowing the use of three (Noticeable exception is Fossil, but we go over that in the FAQ, cutting out the need for 36 fragments to build an item. Keystones are rare drops from the dig sites, with no chance […]

Work in progress

| May 1, 2011

Got most of the site up and running with this new format, but I want to make sure it’s secure before we launch.