Archy Tips

Archaeology is a painful, time consuming, soul-crushing grind, no one will deny that, but there are ways to make it more bearable.

1.  Set goals for yourself.  Don’t build anything until you hit 50 skill, which is as high as you can go just from collecting.  After that, set goals for a certain amount of fragments.

2.  If you’re leveling through Archaeology, treat yourself to building at every quarter of the level.

3.  Plan your traveling around your available travel means.  If you’re in Winterspring and you have a dig in Tanaris, use the Ring of the Kirin Tor to get to Dalaran and take the portal to Caverns of Time.  If you’re a Mage, you already know what to do.  Remember, all cities offer a free portal to the Blasted Lands too, so Eastern Kingdoms can be easier to traverse as well.

4.  Zeppelins and boats are your friend!

5.  If you aren’t a Mage, make friends with one!

6.  The Direbrew Remote will get you to Searing Gorge quickly, if you have it.

7.  You aren’t limited to just one continent, but you can level all the way to 525 without ever leaving the one you really want an item from.

8.  There is a hard cap of 200 fragments from any given race.  It’s a very hard cap that you cannot go over, so if you’re at 195-199 fragments, build before you loot the next one.  If you’re near the cap, and the next looted would take you over, the fragments are wasted.  At 197, if the next site yielded four fragments, you get an error saying “You can’t carry anymore of those” and they despawn.

9.  Always use keystones when available.


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