Archaeology Types

Yes, I figured it’s easier to group them all into one huge post than have random links all over the place.


Draenei Archaeology

Draenei Archaeology fragments are only found in Outland.  There are two flavor items available for them, and they are most prominent in Netherstorm, although they have a few sites in Nagrand, Shadowmoon Valley, Terrokar Forrest and even one in Hellfire Penninsula.  The vendor items do sell for quite a bit of gold, so at least it isn’t as bad a grind to get their two items as some of the other types (*cough* Troll *cough*).

Rare items

Icon Name
On Use
Arrival of the Naaru Summons a tiny
A’dal and three
approach her.
It’s fun, and you
can use it on an
edge and watch
some of the
Draenei fall.
The Last Relic of Argus
teleports you
somewhere in
the world.
With a 12 hour
cooldown, it’s fun
when you
remember to use


Dwarf Archaeology


Dwarf Archaeology fragments are found most prominently in Eastern Kingdoms, with only one Dwarf dig site available in Kalimdor (Bael Modan in Southern Barrens), if Dwarf items are your goal, focus mainly on the Eastern Kingdoms Continent.  Dwarf offers a pet, a new hearthstone to replace your current one (They share a cooldown, so why keep the original?), a very nice caster epic staff and a flavor item that summons four dancing Dwarves, good for making your friends think they are going insane.

Dwarf offers the most common items, with a whopping 27 available, so the odds of getting a lot of repeats are slim. Dwarf Archaeology is also tied to the most achievements.  Two achievements just from getting their common items, and they field two of the seven Scepters from the Seven Scepters achievement.

The best vendor trash item is Word of Empress Zoe, which vendors for 375g!  Most of the others are between 1g and 20g.
Rare items


Icon Name
On Use
Staff of Sorcerer-Thane Thaurissan A drool inducing
Caster staff that
any caster would
be proud to be
the owner of.
Remember, the
odds of getting
this bad boy are
pretty high up
there.  Not
available until 450
Chalice of the Mountain Kings Summons four dancing Dwarven women, who do the Riverdance. Great for making
your friends think
they’re going
crazy. Try
summoning them
on an edge.
Clockwork Gnome
Summons a Clockwork Gnome of your very own. No longer do you
just get this pet
by being an
engineer and
The Innkeeper’s Daughter A brand new
that has a
chance to
summon a Dwarf spirit.
Replaces your old
since they share
a cooldown, but
it’s cooler, just

Fossil Archaeology

Thanks to patch 4.1, Fossil Archaeology is no longer the most hated. That still goes to Nelf! Three new items were added, which should keep you busy for a little while.

*Disclaimer: This site does NOT condone you taking out your pent up aggression towards all the fossil sites you’ll get when you no longer need them by going to a museum and punching a dinosaur. We’re pretty sure that’s illegal, so don’t do it!

Rare items

Icon Name
On Use
Fossilized Raptor
Skeletal Raptor Mount!
It’s a bony raptor, that should probably have been fed!
Fossilized Hatchling
A cute baby
Skeletal Raptor
that follows you.
A must have for any pet collector, and almost a sure thing as one of your first rares.
Pterrordax Hatchling
brand new petjust added in the 4.1 patch! Like any pet collector has not been eying the Pterrodax’s all these years gone by!
Ancient Amber
new flavor item
added in patch 4.1!
It’s like an iceblock, but Amber colored and you don’t have to be a Mage to use it. Oh, and it won’t save you!
Extinct Turtle Shell
The first tank item added through Archaeology! You know you want it! If you’re a tank, you want it! Unless you have better gear already, then you don’t!


Nerubian Archaeology


Nerubian Archaeology fragments are mostly found in Northrend, which is the good news, but there are two EK dig sites too.  The bad news is it’s the rarest of the four types you can find out there.  You get to compete with not only Vrykul, but Night Elf and Troll sites as well.

On the plus side, there are only two rare items from them, and they are pretty easy to get as long as you get dig sites.  There are also only 7 common items, which not only sell well, but can take 2 Nerubian Obelisks for each item.  Now if only Nerubian Obelisks were common.


Rare items


Icon Name
On Use
Blessing of the Old God
Turns you into a bug from Ahn’Qirajfor 15 seconds. It’s fun, but not very useful.  It’s fun being a bug, but wears off before you can enjoy it.
Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron
Whispers disturbing things to you. Anyone who likes their Old God Lore or H.P. Lovecraft will like this item.


Night Elf Archaeology


Night Elf Archaeology, heretofore to be referred to as Nelf, is the second tedious type of Archaeology.  It’s behind Fossil because there are so many items available through it, but they will take a long time to get.

Night Elf dominates Kalimdor, and also has a few sites in Eastern Kingdoms and even Northrend.  Most of the items are random flavor items, but there is a very nice healer trinket that I’ve seen some people go insane trying to get.

Rare items

Icon Name
On Use
Bones of
Turns you into a Naga for 20 seconds, with a 10 minute cooldown. Another random costume that doesn’t last long enough to be worth more than a giggle.
Azshara’s Dressing Gown
A level 51 caster item, that would be good if you had a caster around that level not wearing Heirloom gear. Pointless item, but it will pop up pretty early on.  I have 5 of them on different bank toons.
Tyrande’s Favorite Doll
In addition to the +321 INT any caster would kill to have, it also acts like a mana pot every minute. This is the item most healers are going for.  It’s great for pre-raiding gear, but it can be elusive.
Wisp Amulet
Transforms you into a Wisp for 20 seconds. It’s fun to be a wisp, but doesn’t last long enough.
Druid and Priest Statue Set
Summons a Fountain of Knowledge! Fancy talk for green light that doesn’t last long and can only be used outside.
Highborne Soul Mirror
Summons a mirror image of you, however you look when used. Use it when you’ve used one of the costume items and see what happens.
Kaldorei Wind Chimes
You emote that you held them up to the wind and you hear a tinkling sound. Remember the Titanium Seal of Dalaran? Imagine that but only useable outside and no heads or tails.


Orc Archaeology


Orc Archaeology is easy.  It’s only available in Outlands, and you can’t unlock it until 300 Archaeology, but once you do the dig sites are plentiful.  You only have Orc and Draenei in Outlands, so if you do go the route of following the sites based on level you’ll breeze through 300-375, although the downside is all the travel, and Nagrand likes giving you dig sites far away from the flight path, so there’s that as well.

There is only one rare, and it’s not a very good one, but it does count towards the 10 and 20 rare achievements!

Rare items

Icon Name
On Use
of the First Shaman
Another of the three low level BoA items that won’t really help anyone. it looks cool, and it’d be fine for a Hunter or Enhance Shaman, but you probably have BoA helms.


Tol’Vir Archaeology


Tol’vir fragments only come from Uldum, and can’t be unlocked until 450, so if Tol’vir items are your priority, make sure to focus on Kalimdor mostly.  Patch 4.0.6 added a lot of new dig sites in Uldum, so it’s a little easier to find them now, but you also unlock Hyjal at 450 as well, which is just Nelf fragments.

Tol’vir offers the most useful items for a level 85, including a caster ring, healer stave, one-hand DPS sword, a pet, a mount and an item that summons a swarm of peaceful scarabs to follow you for a bit.

However, with only 7 common items, and the dig sites being few and far between, Tol’vir is the longest grind in Archaeology, so expect to spend a lot of time on this after you max out Archaeology.

Rare items

Icon Name
On Use
Crawling Claw Summons a Mummified Monkey Paw that follows you If you’re lucky enough to find someone else with one, enjoy!
Pendant of the Scarab Storm Summons a Swarm of Peaceful Scarabs
to follow you.
They don’t last long, and the cooldown is crazy long.
Ring of the Boy Emperor
A great caster ring, but of no use to most healers. The most common first rare you’ll get from Tol’vir. Pendant is 2nd.
Scepter of Azj’Aqir
An Ahn’Qiraj bug mount, usable outside of Ahn’Qiraj Yeah, I haven’t gotten this yet. It’s still my bane!
Scimitar of the Scirocco
Nice one-handed sword for one-handed melee. I have this, but it sits on an alt, as I have no toons at 85 that could use it.
Staff of Ammunae
The healer staff that all the healers want but they can’t get. It’s like the Zin’Rohk of the healer community!


Troll Archaeology


Troll Archaeology is better now, thanks to the addition of the two new items in patch 4.1!  The sword is still pretty rare, but the pet and drum will show up early on!

Troll dig sites are found mostly in Eastern Kingdoms, where Trolls lived.  Stranglethorn (Both!) are mostly Troll sites, with a smattering of Troll sites in Hinterlands and a few other places.  They can also be found on Kalimdor in Tanaris, as well as Northrend in Zul’Drak.

Remember, Archaeology is completely random.  It will just feel like all of your friends are getting this weapon while you’re left weeping softly with an Archaeology tab full of Fossil and Nelf fragments.  There is no GM watching you and making sure the sword doesn’t ever pop up in your queue.  Unless you pissed one off, and then maybe there really is.


Rare items


Icon Name
On Use
Zin’rokh, Destroyer of Worlds
Once you get this bad boy, expect a lot of angry whispers and tells. The most drool inducing item available from Archaeology, at least for plate wearers.
Haunted War Drum
Sets a Troll drum on the ground in front of you and plays the drum beat you hear when in mainly Troll areas. Kind of buggy right now, but if you listen closely you can hear the drum beat. Gotta have sound turned way up.
Voodoo Figurine
tiny golem pet to follow you on your merry adventures! You know you spent most of your time in Zul’Drak drooling over the golems and wishing you could have one as a pet!


Vrykul Archaeology


The good news about Vrykul Archaeology is you don’t ever have to spell it. You ever spell a word so much that it just loses all meaning to you? That’s how Vrykul is to me right now. My spell check doesn’t like it either. I’ve typed Vrykul more today than I’ve ever typed it total before.

Vrykul Archaeology (There it is again!) is the most common dig site you’ll find in Northrend after 375 Archaeology. There are now two rare items, the first being a one-handed axe with a level 71 requirement, so, you know, it’s basically a bank place holder. Although it is BoA, so it doesn’t have to take up your personal valuable bank space. Any of your bank toons will do just fine. The one added in patch 4.1 is a fun flavor item that puts a Vrykul helm on your toon and boosts your size by 10%. There are 5 common items as well, but with the amount of Vrykul dig sites you’ll go through, you’ll see those items a few times before you finish Northrend.

Rare items


Icon Name
On Use
Nifflevar Bearded Axe
The last of the three low level BoA items that won’t really help anyone. This also counts towards the 10 and 20 rare achievements, so at least it’s good for something.
Vyrkul Drinking Horn
A flavor item added in patch 4.1 that puts a viking helmet on your head!
Nice flavor item, if you want to feel like a viking. Come on, who doesn’t?


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