Blue quality items vs Epic quality

Posted By on May 17, 2011

Archaeology has two tier of rare items, blue and epic. The blue quality items are much easier to get than the epic quality ones with very few exceptions.

Tol’vir is unique in the fact that all their items are of epic quality, so in their case the break it down by making the caster ring and the flavor item the easier ones to pop up.

Troll, which used to just be one item of epic quality and rarity is what I’m basing this on. I’d built hundreds of Troll items across multiple toons and it wasn’t until patch 4.1 that I finally saw a rare, getting both the drum and pet relatively quickly. Still no epic sword.

Fossil added 2 new blue items and an epic shield. Got both the pet and Ancient Amber in less than 10 builds, but haven’t seen the epic shield yet.

Feels a bit frustrating knowing that just because an item is of purple quality, I probably won’t see it for hours.

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