Archaeology Keystones

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Keystones in Archaeology are basically a shortcut. Each one is worth +12 fragments, with most rares allowing the use of three (Noticeable exception is Fossil, but we go over that in the FAQ, cutting out the need for 36 fragments to build an item.

Keystones are rare drops from the dig sites, with no chance of showing up until you’re at 75 Archaeology.

They can stack up to 20, and there is no limit to the amount you can have. ¬†They also sell pretty well in most cases, but it’s better for you to use them unless you’re really strapped for cash.

Draenei Tome
These Keystones sell well
because of the price of the
vendor trash from the
Dwarf Rune Stone
These keystones sell well
because of the rare items
you can get from Dwarf,
especially the Stave.
Nerubian Obelisk
These keystones are
valuable because of the
rarity of Nerubian dig sites
in Northrend.
Highborne Scroll
These keystones are the
most plentiful, and odds
are the cheapest to find on
most servers.
Orc Blood Text
Very common keystones,
thanks to the nature of Orc
dig sites being so plentiful
in Outlands.
Tol’Vir Hieroglyphic
Arguably the most valuable
keystone available, based
on the rarity of Tol’vir dig
sites and the want for them.
Troll Tablet
Another very popular
keystone, and once you get
the sword you can easily
sell them for bank.
Vrykul Rune Stick
Very common keystone in
Northrend, but the vendor
trash is pretty valuable.
Sell or keep, win either way.


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