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Posted By on May 14, 2011

Frequently asked questions about Archaeology in WoW and the answers.

Q:  What is Archaeology?
A:  Archaeology is the newest timesink introduced in World of Warcraft.  It went live during the Cataclysm expansion.  It’s a secondary trade skill like cooking, fishing and first aid, which means anyone can learn it.  It offers some flavor items, useful items, pets, mounts and a lot of vendor trash. 

Q:  Why do Archaeology?
A:  Good question.  Many answers are available.  It offers a new way to level your character, although it’s time consuming.  It offers you fun flavor items like costumes and usable items to annoy your friends with, as well as some nice starter weapons for a few classes.  It doesn’t cover everyone though.

Q:  How easy is Archaeology?
A:  Quite easy, but time consuming.  Think fishing, but with a lot more travel involved.  If you level it casually, it can take you quite a while to do it.

Q:  Keystones.  Use or save?
A:  Always use them.  Knocking +12 fragments off any build is always a good idea.

Q:  Why are there no fossil keystones?
A:  Same reason we aren’t finding books written by dinosaurs and mammoths IRL.  Creatures don’t keep records.

Q:  What is the 10th spot?
A:  Rumor during beta was it would be Ogre, but rumors are just what you make of them.  Blizzard has said Archaeology is meant to be expanded on, so for now think of it as a placeholder for something to suck you back in at a later date.

Q:  Why a website dedicated to Archaeology?
A:  I enjoy doing Archaeology, and I was surprised the name wasn’t taken, so here we are!

Q:  Are there more questions to be answered?
A:  Yes, someday!

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