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About the site and the creator

Site was created by Doobjanka, who moonlights as the guild master of Aint Neva Scared on the Scilla server (US Horde) and is the Community Manager over at Warcraftpets.com.

Doobjanka was the Realm First Archaeologist on Scilla, which took 28 hours to achieve. It was a bad 28 hours too. Doobjanka currently has 27 of the rares and proudly wears the title Professor.

Doobjanka also leveled four other toons to 525 Archaeology, and has her other five at least around 250.

Doobjanka collects pets, with 179 currently, mounts (150) and flavor items.

Doobjanka is the alter ego of Curtis, a student of Sociology at UTSA. He has a dog named Rupert, a Lhasa Apso who enjoys collecting and destroying tennis balls.

About the author

Doobjanka is an avid pet collector, volunteering as the community admin for Warcraftpets.com. Is also the guild master of Aint Neva Scared on the Scilla server, Horde Side. IRL, Doobjanka is the played by Curtis, a student of Sociology and musician. You can check out some of his music at www.stickfigureworld.net and www.reapingbeauty.com


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